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Warm Pacific Greetings

Welcome to the Australian Pasifika Educators Network (APEN).

APEN aims to support Pasifika learners, families and community educational achievement and aspirations through an education action plan that is designed by and for Pasifika people.

Advancing Pasifika excellence

APEN is also a channel through which community, educational institutions, local and national government and policymakers can access Australian Pasifika perspectives, advice and strategic direction to enhance policies, strategies, and programs that impact Pasifika learners in Australia. 



APEN membership

APEN welcomes members living in Australia with Pacific Island ancestry and heritage, and we seek diverse perspectives working together toward a common goal. The network commits to working collaboratively with Australian Indigenous and Pacific Indigenous Educator networks locally, regionally and globally.

While the network's key audience is Pasifika educators, academic, and professional staff - membership is open to non-Pasifika educators who seek to advocate for and learn from Pasifika.

Pasifika Educators Conference Australia

APEN was incredibly proud to participate in the inaugural Pasifika Educators Conference Australia in December 2021.

Major thanks go to the Pasifika programs at the University of Technology Sydney and Western Sydney University, whose co-sponsorship and event management helped deliver such a successful event.

The conference brought together Pasifika staff, practitioners, and representatives from Australia's Secondary, Tertiary, and Vocational education and training sectors to strengthen, support, and advance educational opportunities, achievements, and outcomes for Pasifika communities.

Our vision is to empower Pasifika educators, learners and communities to thrive in Australian society.

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